Be Proactive…!

Now here’s what can be done…

1) Spread awareness about social projects:

They could be ‘The Dengue Awareness Campaign” by Youthistan…or The Care Foundation which aims to spread quality education among all…or Teach For Pakistan that encourages the youth to reform the norms of teaching…or Nigaar Nazar’s Gogi cartoon that educates the general public about social issues and there are tonnes of others…you only have to look beyond your nose to discover the universe out there…

2) Join these projects as volunteers or as full-time workers.

And don’t say, I just don’t have time…because yes, time you do have…What about the countless hours that you spend facebooking and smsing…you can definitely cut down on those and make some use of your life…

Also, summer vacations are the best time for these social projects though some of them can continue throughout the year…You can hold awareness events in your own school or college…you can carry out donation campaigns via bake sales, book fairs, concerts and there is a myriad of other ways…just start using that grey matter of yours and you’ll be surprised by the amount that you can do…You don’t necessarily have to start big but you can definitely think big so that you get there eventually…

Just imagine if 63% of the youth started doing this then where would we be in 10 years’ time?

The decision is yours…

But be very careful in making that choice…because it could affect your future generations…!


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