Magic with Medicine

By Farkhanda Qaiser

They say, “Doctors should be compassionate and selfless. They should serve people without even expecting a reward. Thus they should never have come on the roads to ask for a payrise because doing so adversely affected their saint-like image in the society.”

I say, “Well yes, doctors should be Munna-bhai-MBBS cum Dr-Patch-Adams-type but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a family to cater for.  A wife to look after; children to send off to good schools; sky-rocketing inflation to tend to; electricity bills to pay despite using hand fans most of the time and alot more expenses just like any middle-class person of this country!

And let’s not forget the fact that a doctor is one who has studied the most in his life. Most of them have remained toppers all throughout their school and college lives (at least the ones in my university have). They remained shut in books when their counterparts enjoyed their lives. They were the ones who went through the grinding five hours of medical education but worse was still to come. The inhumane 36-48 hours continuous duties in hospitals as part of house job.  Serving people day in, day out and doing it so meticulously that sometimes their own families were neglected. After leaving many relatives sour (as perhaps a wedding or two were missed due to hospital duties); spending many a Eid in the ‘Emergency’ or preparing for the Post graduate exams; missing the childhood of their own children as the ‘Mum’ or ‘Dad’ Doctor were too busy treating others’ children to have time for their own and countless other sacrifices, THEY still expect us to sacrifice some more…We should be content with the meager amount we get for our services…We, the most skilled and most drilled section of the society should be content with a lowly paid government job…WHY? Just because we are doctors? Just because we took the Hippocratic Oath?

Are we not humans like the rest of you?

Do we not have wishes and needs?

Maybe not, because if we did, then the public would have supported us in our cause like the came out in mass to support the lawyers to restore the Chief Justice…

or Perhaps,  our cause is not flashy enough to the likes of people…

Why is it that our nation supports some causes and completely ignores others? Every single person came forward to help the flood affectees and the earthquake victims before that. Many newly wed brides gave away their gold; children stacked away their pocket money to give for the President or Prime Minister fund; businessmen donated generously;  celebrities came to telethons and generated huge amounts of cash for their suffering brothers and sisters, in short, the entire nation came together for a purpose and they succeeded to some extent. However, their actions were not sustained. After the initial dust had settled, all except a few forgot about any flood or earthquake and whether the victims still needed their help or not. That is how long-lived our motivation was!

We become excited by the preliminary gush of blood but then cooled off…

What is it that we are lacking?

A sense of social responsibility, it is. Every citizen has the duty to serve his country in any way possible. It doesn’t have to be huge. It’s just the huqooq-ul-ibaad that he has to fulfill. No littering as it might bother someone. No breaking of the queue as it could violate somebody’s rights. No lying or cheating as that would be synonymous to hurting Allah as Allah lives in everyone’s hearts. Fulfilling your positive role in the society – be helpful to your neighbors; teach the poor children for free; take out some time for the underprivileged – the orphans, the widows and the disabled. Stand up for a just cause; for the downtrodden; for the ones awaiting justice and for the ones who have been wronged. Own your heroes; make them feel loved just because they served their country in any field whatsoever, showbiz, sports, education or even social welfare. Be sincere to your job whether it’s that of a tailor or a doctor…not for the sake of appeasing people but for the sake of fulfilling your social responsibility.

If we can do this, then no force in this world can stop us from becoming a great nation.

We don’t lack the motivation; we lack the will to sustain it and the direction to use it in.


12 thoughts on “Magic with Medicine

  1. “We don’t lack the motivation; we lack the will to sustain it and the direction to use it in.”
    that’s what i have been looking for, n every individual should realize
    thanks farkhanda for making me realize!!!
    its such an eye opening piece of thought =)

  2. Farkhanda – You are ryte, It is the social responsibility for everyone. I am also delivering and organizing Training in all Campuses of Pakistan even Schools as well for awareness of FUTURE ON!! and BOOST Your Career with positive Change and and it is really need for the YOUTH Betterment.

  3. It is truly the sense of social responsibility that we lack as a nation.The huqooq-ul-ibad as u mentioned are seemingly trivial things but if actually acted upon can reform our society.It hurts to say bt it is a fact that v have become so egocentric that v find it very difficult to fulfil our duties towards the society because it is not our whole nation bt only our individual selves that we want to see prospering.Your article is truly a motivation in the direction of taking initiatives towards playing our positive role in the society.May ALLAH bless our nation and our country!!

  4. lol
    so much of UJ can be found in u now :\ !! need to meet him !! agreed wid all but dont get over emotional itna zada 😛 i agree that dr work hard n they need to get extra favor from us but i disagree wid the part k only they r the ones who work itna zada :\ there are certain other fields which just lead ur life to utter disaster :S n complete neglience is a gift for their families :\!!
    anyways good piece of writing waiting for more 🙂

  5. Thanks all…and @aroma…you know the emotional type =p and well totally agreed that there are many other professions in which ppl work really hard but the point here was k doctors dont get paid off that well (initially atleast until their private practice has bin well established which is like 20 years after they started off)…and also the hue n cry that was raised by media k doctors have blasphemied against their profession by asking fr a pay rise…so that is why i said k we are the ones who’ve studied the hardest and then why is it so that we are the most lowly paid of the educated class?

  6. Yeah Farkhanda u r rite…….Ppl believe tht v r angels whose duty z only to serve othrz bt they cnt demand nythng fr their personal rites……Drs serve the ppl day n night selflessly bt y dnt ppl realize tht Drs also hv their rites whch must b fulfilled…………Media highlighted our payrising issue by sayng tht”Drs tu Maseeha hotay hain,phr wo kaisay strike kr saktay hain…..logon nay b un ka saath dia r kaha, k Dr kaisay sarkon pai aa saktay hain….un ka kaam tu bus 24 hrs on duty rhna hai r kuch b nii”.
    Y dont they realize tht the most toughest job z tht ov Dr……it z nt easy to stand on 1 leg fr 24 hrs…….Drs dnt hv their personal life……..They evn
    cnt b part ov joys ov their fmly due to hectic routine……….Thn y ppl only blame Drs……….Evry field demands sincerety……….hardwork……honesty….thn y ppl demands only frm Drs to sacrifice n gv charming facilities n pays to ppl ov othr fields…………Y ppl dnt realize tht Drs r also human beings, bt it z our
    devotion to our profession whch make us angels………..Thn y ppl do thz discrimination with Drs…….?????????????

  7. Aroma i agree with your point of view…. UJ is a nice guy.. but Farhanda pls. think deeply – if u will see in Lahore, there is alot of talent available here. who can motivate and inspire people as well.. but these people are not doing publicity type of thing… They are working as trainings and Motivating students with youth in campuses and schools… I know this year you attended YLC 2011.. if fresh mind students will attend the motivating session offcourse… they will be happy with them,, .. Ager ap ke mind main negativity ho gi or os main koi positiveness koi daal de ga and YOU CAN ki approach aap ko mil jaye gi.. offcourse u will be happy… tell me how many real leaders are available here in Pakistan right now, if YLC making leaders from last 10 years…… I am not against SOL, YLC or UL, or KR. i know everyone is here for doing there job… like you are doing your job and advertising UJ. Otherwise you can promote talent from Lahore as well..
    There is alot of many problems available here in Social Awareness and all…

  8. Woww Anum you said it all…! Awesome!
    and @farhan…lol i dont know why you felt that i was promoting UJ?
    UJ was just a person who helped me spread awareness about something that i felt strongly about…and sure there must be lots of motivational speakers in lahore too but i dont know any of them so ofcourse i took help from someone i knew…
    Actually i was promoting the concept behind YLC cuz it really inspired me…the c0ncept of bringing revolution in the mindset of ppl…a slow, peaceful process not the quick one through bloodshed and all…and well ofcourse since the last few hundred years, we, the ppl of subcontinent have had a slavish mentality, its oviously gonna take some time to make REAL leaders…10 years is just not enough…
    moreover, by leaders, i dont exactly mean leaders like quaid e azam who guide the entire nation to a new horizon…there are also hundreds of leaders…who are leaders of themselves…they take responsibility for their own actions…they are responsible citizens..i will explain this concept in detail in a blogpost soon…and btw Thank you so much fr your active interest and opinion=)

  9. Interesting blog. I believe everything has been said above… to go through a tiring grind of 5 jam packed years, the exhaustive routine… the humongous books… only to end up begging for a reasonable pay rise; to burn the midnight oil while working hard only to end up being blamed for ‘causing’ a patient’s death despite it being inevitable; to brave work night n day in gloomy hospital rooms only to face humiliation by the media whenever they get the chance- is in simple words… COMPLETELY UNFAIR. Doctors have long since been denied their due right and the mess of affairs that we saw… closed hospital outdoors and constant protests… was a result of all those matters brewing up for a long time.
    That being said, I know it’s hard to say, but doctors too needed to show patience. The closing of hosp outdoors n ers cost numerous lives. And though the ‘we-wont-touch-a-patient-till-we-get-paid’ thing worked, we could have acted a bit more humanly. Protest, but not at the cost of patients.

  10. @Aroma… I appreciate for Doctors Working… They really work hard.. But phir bi Doctor se bachna chahiye…
    @farkhanda… i really appreciate you too.. if you find and promote young talent from your cities… if you want to see names then i can recommend you some gud names…

  11. @the amused medic…well yes. point made. The emergencies should not have been closed. There can be no justification of this atrocious act. Yet at the same time, throughout this pay-rise campaign, the brutal and heartless attitude of the government and media of a great asset of the nation (the doctors) was really saddening.

    @farhan..well yes sure you can recommend the names…i’d really appreciate that…

  12. in seven years of my married life, it was last year only when i celebrated eid with my husband afeter completion of his PG training as both of us are doctors! bt who understands the feelings of being alone celeberating the events!

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