Magic With Medicine continues…

Every citizen has the duty to serve his country in any way possible. It doesn’t have to be huge. It’s just the huqooq-ul-ibaad that he has to fulfill. No littering as it might bother someone. No breaking of the queue as it could violate somebody’s rights. No lying or cheating as that would be synonymous to hurting Allah as Allah lives in everyone’s hearts. Fulfilling your positive role in the society – be helpful to your neighbors; teach the poor children for free; take out some time for the underprivileged – the orphans, the widows and the disabled. Stand up for a just cause; for the downtrodden; for the ones awaiting justice and for the ones who have been wronged. Own your heroes; make them feel loved just because they served their country in any field whatsoever, showbiz, sports, education or even social welfare. Be sincere to your job whether it’s that of a tailor or a doctor…not for the sake of appeasing people but for the sake of fulfilling your social responsibility.

What began as a Post YLC project is now being extended to an ‘ongoing’ awareness campaign that would lead to making the Pakistani YOUTH the most responsible citizens ever…!

We’ll be doing this in the following ways:


1) BLOGGING about various issues on….

Magic with Action

2) Holding SESSIONS similar to ‘Magic With Medicine’ in different universities and colleges

3) WRITING motivation articles about social issues in magazines, newspapers etc…

and THEN is the Active phase:

DOING active, social projects like, ‘Teach for Pakistan’ and ‘Gogi School bags’ and many more…


Magic With Medicine

How many of you are WITH us in this?

AND if you have any more suggestions, they are always welcome…


Published by Farkhanda

A YLCian who's become an active citizen...!

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