Dengue in Schools

So all educational institutions in Lahore have been closed down for 10 days starting from 15th September due to the deadly Dengue

Woaah…go back…All institutions? NO, no, no…not All…there’s one left and that is none other than King Edward Medical University…well yes, somehow it’s thought that we the kemcolians are made of thicker skin so dengue can’t affect us and thus no holidays for us at all…! Today, even UHS delayed the profs of all medical colleges but the administration of KE still didn’t budge….!

Seriously, it’s no laughing matter at all…! The dengue epidemic is a very serious one and more so in the present local conditions when dozens of people are dying daily around us. Therefore keeping all this in mind the Punjab Government had declared official holidays…I wonder why KE is not following this order…


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