Top 3 things to do before you go to bed

I once read a quote somewhere,

“Go to bed with satisfaction and wake up with determination.”

And I strongly believe in this. If you want to have a really productive day tomorrow, then start with a good night time routine and a refreshing sleep first. When you start preparing for the next day in advance, you’ll not only have a preset schedule but will also feel ahead of yourself.

So here’s the TOP 3 list:

  1. Say goodbye to Tech-world:

Your bedroom should be a completely tech-free zone especially when you’re getting ready to sleep. So that means…

No phone!

No tablet!

No laptop!

And definitely no TV!


Research says that the light emanating from these devices deceives your mind into thinking that it’s daytime! So the mind never fully relaxes then. And ofcourse, the constantly changing pictures; the status updates; the video links; the breaking news and all of that would do exactly the opposite of soothing your mind.

tech no

2. Meditate:

Just sit by yourself; close your eyes and envision your entire day in front of you. The good or bad moments; the have dones and have nots; the happiness or regrets! Also plan ahead. What do you want to achieve on the next day? Is all your equipment ready for that? Are you well prepared? Is there anything you can do to prepare ahead?

meditate 2

Take deep breaths and try to calm down. Just 10 minutes of this exercise would pacify the most turbulent of individuals.

3. Read a book:

Pick up any good book and read it for atleast 1-2 hours! Book reading is a habit of all successful people. The richest man in the world, Warren Buffet reads almost 6 hours in a day! The Microsoft owner, Bill Gates reads 2-3 hours in a day! So if you want to become successful, you really must read! A good technique about reading self-help or motivational books or biographies or any other non-fiction books which give you a lot of information is as follows:

Read it first time just as a form of enjoyment

Take down notes during the second read

And connect the dots in the third and final read. Meaning, connect whatever you learnt from the book with your life. How it applies to you. What you learnt from it. How you can improve your life after reading it.


So 3 reads are necessary if you really want to learn the message and pass it on too. Read a book in a way so that you can replicate its salient features. This will not only enhance your writing but speaking skills too. Because, after all, you do need good content if you’re an aspiring writer or speaker! Even if not, then you can use those life lessons to improve the quality of your life.

Lastly, apply this top 3 list for at least 90 days and then see it become part of your life!

I hope, you found this information useful. If so, don’t hesitate to comment below and also Subscribe to this blog if you’d like more of these Top 3 lists and much more!




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