IMC Registration – My experience

For a detailed guidance about the process of IMC – Irish Medical Council Registration, check out my previous blog here:

Today, I will discuss my experience with IMC registration which was very long and painful. Partly due to my own laziness and partly due to the world circumstances with the COVID pandemic.

I started the process with taking IELTs in January 2019. Then I applied for the PMDC house job certificate the old-fashioned way by going to their office and submitting the application. I got the certificate within a month or so. After this, I started the EPIC verification process in June 2019. This took un-naturally wrong because there was something wrong with my browser and it wouldn’t allow me to upload my identity documents. I wasted another 3 months in this until I was advised to try a different browser and viola…it worked!

Finally, I got my identity verified by notaryCam and then uploaded my credentials i.e. my MBBS degree and housejob certificate by PMDC. Once, I was informed by EPIC that my credentials had been sent to the primary source for verification then I headed to the clerk’s office at my university. Fortunately, KEMU – King Edward Medical University has the online system for the degree verification process so that didn’t take very long. At that time, there was no luxury of online PMDC verification of housejob so I visited their office again and got that sorted out.

Ultimately, in November 2019, I applied for the online IMC account and then posted the documents to IMC. I had already arrived in Ireland by this time, thanks to my spouse visa. Here, I made a mistake by applying for the ‘good standing certificate’ at this stage – which proved to be too early!

I received the IMC email asking for the good standing certificate in early December but then there was a hitch here. I had mentioned my USA clinical electives experience in the application and they wanted to know if I had required any registration for that. Even after repeatedly assuring them that I did not as I had only gone as a student, they didn’t believe me and wanted to be assured of this by the university administration in USA! It had been almost 4 – 5 years since I had attended the electives at University of Massachusetts and University of Alabama in USA and I was not in touch with any of my supervisors or the HR department. Many emails were sent on the email addresses that I had only to find out that the people no longer were on those emails! Fortunately, a friend of mine doing residency in USA came to my rescue. She called the direct numbers of those departments and got me the required email addresses.

Then I emailed them but they took extremely long in replying. Finally, after long last, they replied and agreed to email IMC directly regarding my entire situation. This entire communication took a further 2 months.

So now, we were in February 2020. IMC had given me the go – ahead. But my Good standing certificate had expired! As its valid for only 3 months!

I asked my father in Pakistan to apply for the good standing certificate on my behalf. And believe it or not, it took 5 months for this certificate to be sent to IMC! There was that whole mess of PMDC/PMC along with a raging COVID pandemic which caused the immense delay!

Finally, in the mid of July 2020 – almost 16 -17 months after I began the process, did I receive the IMC registration!

Fortunately for my spouse visa and for the fact that I was already based in Ireland, I got my first job offer within a few days of getting my IMC registration.

My next blog will be about my job hunt. Stay tuned for that!


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