About Me

A soul on fire…itching to do something to change the status quo…believing that the present condition of Pakistan is our doing…true, the corrupt politicians and greedy military are to blame but the common man is still not absolved of all…

You may ask why…

And here’s what I have to say…Did we ever try to change the world around us? When we saw someone breaking a rule, did we try to stop him or did we applaud him for his misdeed saying…sb chalta hai yahan…system hee corrupt hai…the only way out is the short cut…the bribes, the sifaarish and so on and so forth.

WELL no…that’s not how nations succeed…! It’s said, an unjust society can not survive for long…so what is it that we can do?

There may be some things that are out of our control but there are still others that we CAN control and change

We can definitely follow the traffic rules and save everyone alot of trouble…

We can be punctual for our meetings and save a whole lot of precious time…

We can stop littering around and contribute to a greener and cleaner Pakistan

We can stop wasting limited resources like electricity…(Yes, switch off those unwanted lights)

We can be more mindful of the needs of others…be generous and courteous about it…(the naiki kr, darya me daal concept)

We can force shopkeepers to give proper receipts so that they pay their obligatory taxes…(but ofcourse before that, we must pay our share of taxes too and then ensure that they are used in the proper place…more on that later)

We can start awareness campaigns among our social circles about the importance of the above mentioned values…Nations are recognized by their discipline and conscience not their percentage of youth (the magical 63% that we can’t stop ranting about) or the amount of  their natural resources or their strategic geographic location or even their scenic beauty…Yes these things help on the road to success but all these God given blessings are of no use unless the manpower is trained…

We need to train ourselves to become a great Nation (which I believe we DEFINITELY have a capacity to be)…

We need to shift our emphasis from the proverbial ‘Roti, Kapra, Makaan’ to quality education and health services…because teaching people how to catch a fish themselves is better than giving them that fish…it’s obviously longer lasting and a long term solution of problems…Now that may seem an impossible task but its not…

Sure the government is in charge of these departments…but then what stops us from joining these departments and reforming them for good? We’ll have to dirty our hands in this dirty system to cleanse it forever…More of the youth needs to join civil service and to become politicians…As one of my favourite quotations goes,

“The Secret of success lies in reaching the top and then changing the rules.”

Not by avoiding that path altogether…which is what we are doing…We shun government schools and hospitals; we berate the dirty politics but none of us has the courage to bring change from within…

Obviously there are 2 ways to go about it:

One, we join up these services and work our way from bottom up which will obviously take years and we may not be successful even then…

Or we set up a model that works to perfection and so the government is forced to take that up…We may not get the recognition but then that was never our purpose, instead we wanted to shake the foundations of this old system…and trust me, that is happening right now in Pakistan but at a very small scale…so we need to just spread awareness about such projects and lend our helping hand where ever needed…That is the sole purpose of this blog that I’ve started…

To motivate the youth to STEP up and change the world around them…YES we can do it…! And we must do it because we owe those thousands of motivated people who lost their lives so that we could breathe in fresh air…a place we could call home…Pakistan…!

Today, our country needs us more than ever before…

We can’t shirk out of our responsibility…

Because if we do, then it won’t be long before we are snatched of our identity!


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Well written Farkhanda, there is more in our hands than many of us like to believe. We’re the youth, in the least we can educate ourselves regarding our problems and have a consensus on the solutions. (And there isn’t always consensus, that’s alright, its about having a convincing argument/idea and we will get there iA)

  2. I t gives great joy to be in touch with brothers and sisters on the other side ,who are striving for a better society as in Pakistan and I sure in a few years from now we and ur ll will see a change that is going to be a very important for equalness to man and woman and also to elderly and childrens so that we have a better and just society..welldone

  3. Be the change you want to see in others but unfortunately as a nation we are resilient to change yet I am optimistic that Pakistan will rise one day and for that we need to wake up the 1% intellectual and educated population who are fast asleep. The power of one is all we need to get back on track becoming the South Asian Powerhouse.

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